handpainted suede by Eva Kielczewska

  handpainted suede by Eva Kielczewska"

Whimsical but not to the whims of fashion are my suede creations. Simplicity is the integral part of my work. The passion for strong and delicate patterns, as well as the earth tones, is reflected in the designs that happen in a spontaneous process. Each piece is precision cut and then freehand painted. I apply several coats of fabric paint to achieve the depth of color and the perfection of the edge. No prior sketching, use of a ruler nor tape are involved while painting. I paint as if I were writing a letter. Many a times I wake up with an image in my mind. The understated elegance is the main characteristic of my work.


Born and raised in Poland, I grew up surrounded by fine art and a rich folk art tradition. After receiving a degree in economics, I defected Communism in 1972, longing to change my profession to one that would enable me to work with my hands. Seeking freedom, I arrived in NYC and went to Parsons School of Design where I realized that my inclinations towards craft had been inherited.

My great grandfather on my Father's side, graduated from the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris, and worked as a jeweler for Fabergé.
My grandfather on my Mother's side was a blacksmith. The testimony of his talent had been forged in a magnificent arabesque fence around the statue of Adam Mickiewicz, the greatest Polish poet and playwright from the 19th century.

Photo by "Las sandalias de Ulises"

My Mother played an important role in shaping my sense of aesthetics. Always preferring quality and using the finest fabrics, she designed beautiful clothes for herself. Later in life she spent years designing simple and elegant clothes for working women.

In my forties I had come across suede scraps. It was the beginning of my work that I continue to thrive on. Drawn and inspired by traditional craft from around the world as well as Art Deco, I work from my imagination translating what I have stored in the mind throughout life.