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suede   technique  The one of a kind art to wear in suede I freehand paint. Simplicity is my focus. The skins are custom dyed and come from Europe and Argentina. I create the designs directly on the skins without using drawings, a ruler or a tape. I paint each design, including the edges, with several layers of fabric paint to achieve the desired effect.
    care  Dry clean. Spots may be removed with Fullers Earth Powder, available online. Apply sparingly, work in with finger, remove excess powder with inside of garment in circular motion.
    Professional Leather Cleaners Association
You may find the closest one to your location, they do an excellent job and are not very expensive.
silk   technique  The charmeuse silk scarves are block printed with hand-carved blocks. Iron heat setting makes the designs permanent.
    care  Dry clean. Alternatively, hand wash in tepid water with baby shampoo. Roll in towel after rinsing, iron when lightly damp. Spots may be removed with Fullers Earth Powder. Apply freely, rub in with the grain of the material, remove the excess with clean white cloth.